For all your fire fighting, safety and servicing of equipment.

For all your Fire Fighting & Fire Safety Needs.

At Western Cape Fire Services we specialise in servicing & supplying fire fighting equipment, providing & installing fire and emergency related signage, and we offer fire fighting training.



We are SABS, as well as SAQCC registered.

What We Do

At Western Cape Fire Services we strive to deliver and reliable and efficient service.


We provide a wide range of fire extinguishers, fire hose reels, fire hydrants & related parts, as well as all fire and emergency related signage.

Fire Safety

Safety and Emergency signage, quotes on making your premises fire safe and ensuring your products are serviced makes your business safe against fire damage.

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Let us help you protect your business against fire damage.
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What we do

Aside from providing great products and service, we also do the following:

Servicing of Fire Extinguishers
Supply & Installation of all Portable Fire Fighting Equipment
Fire Hose Reels & Fire Hydrants
Supply & Installation of all Fire & Emergency Related Signage
Fire Safety Assessments
Supply of Fire Registers & Numbering of units
Fire Fighting Training
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Our products

Being successfully equipped to fight fires, can only be done with reliable fire fighting equipment.

We think so too….which is why we only stock and service quality fire extinguishers and fire safety signage. We install and service these products in strategic fire points on your premises (we also offer free consultations…) which not only keeps your business premises safe – but so too your staff. Fire hoses, fire hydrants, fire extinguishers – we know which will work best to help protect your business premises.
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Kitchen Fire Suppression

We also offer installation of Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems in Commercial and Industrial Kitchens.

Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems are designed to activate automatically when fires occur while there are no users in the kitchen. Should a stove fire develop while personnel are in the kitchen, the system can also be activated manually with an emergency push button. Once the system is activated, the fire is extinguished by spraying the non-toxic chemical extinguishing liquid in the pressurized cylinder through the discharge pipes and nozzles. Simultaneously, the fans are switched off and the gas supply may be shut off.

Our services

We can’t just sell great fire fighting products and not be able to service them.

Which is why we will come out to your premises to service fire hoses, fire hydrants and fire extinguishers at the required service intervals or whenever you need us.
Even if we didn’t install your fire fighting equipment, we will still help you to keep it in working condition.

We were pleasantly surprised by WC Fire Services fast response time and professional service. They went beyond the call of duty and used initiative to advise us on fire safety short comings that we did not realise. A week after installation their fire prevention saved us from a disaster. Thank you WC Fire Services, we highly recommend you.

Charlie Brink - Director, Swiddle

What a friendly bunch of knowledgable people. Thank you Western Cape Fire Services for safe guarding our school. Also the kids loved the demonstration and are well prepared for a fire drill.

Very Impressed

082 822 5147 • 021 981 2391

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we might just surprise you.

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